I am William Renloth, author of The Queensbury Rules of Terror, a political thriller published by MuseItUp in 2013.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

Jamie is intelligent, highly educated, middle-class, white, and British. He is also a terrorist.

In the aftermath of a political assassination he takes Anna with him into hiding as a hostage and is forced to justify his ideas and actions to her—one of his innocent victims. As their relationship develops, both characters try desperately to reconcile their personal feelings for one another with the stark facts of their situation—Jamie’s need to remain distant from her in order to keep himself and his co-conspirators safe and Anna’s feelings of revulsion to Jamie’s past and her wavering need for revenge.

The book spans genres, combining elements of a traditional thriller with robust, three-dimensional characters that defy expectations of the “terrorist” trope, breaking out of the thriller stereotype with their complex motivations, fallibility, and self-doubt.  They inhabit a world cognisant of its own history in which nothing is black-and-white, reasons are all-important, and mainstream ideas are guilty until proven innocent.

At once an enthralling thriller and a sympathetic portrait of the failure of modern politics, Jamie’s voice is both radical and compellingly normal—and his story will grip you to the end.

The novel touches on a lot of political subjects and the main purpose of this blog is to help my readers to find out more about anything that they’re particularly interested in.

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